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Reserve Unit

The Police Reserve Officer Program is comprised of community members, such as yourself, who wish to volunteer as a police officer. These officers supplement the full-time officers in a variety of duties throughout the department. They can patrol in vehicles, on foot patrols, or on bicycle patrol, secure the municipal court, participate in school programs, and participate in both the civilian and youth police academies. Most Reserve Officers work with officers, but others can qualify to patrol on their own. This program is ideal for individuals who have an established career and do not wish to make a full transition to full-time police officer. Reserve officers can enjoy the best of both worlds; maintain their chosen career and serving their city.

We offer 2 positions for volunteers:

1) Reserve Officers - reserve officers are sworn POST-Certified peace officers mandated by the State of Georgia who serve in a voluntary unsalaried capacity.

2) Auxiliary Officer – auxiliary officers are Non-POST-Certified who serve in a voluntary unsalaried capacity and do not have the authority to enforce the criminal or traffic laws of the State of Georgia, nor carry any firearm, handcuffs expandable baton, or pepper spray while in uniform.