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Mission of Municipal Court Clerks in Georgia

The Mission of municipal court clerks in Georgia is threefold: (1) to assure the administrative efficiency of the court, (2) to protect the court's ethical integrity, and (3) to help maintain public confidence in the court's fairness in dispensing justice impartially.

In carrying out their mission, Georgia municipal court clerks' primary duties include the following:

1. Performing administrative tasks for the court (for example, assisting police officers, attorneys, city solicitor, indigent counsel, and municipal court judges with court cases, processing arrest warrants, collecting fines and court costs, accounting for daily receipts, filling closed and pending cases, submitting monthly reports and payments to the Georgia Court Clerks' Authority, preparing and managing the court's annual budget, and so on).

2. Providing information to and serving as liaison between the citizenry at large and the court, thereby influencing public perception of the court.

3. Balancing obligations to the public, to judges, to court staff, to city government, and to standards of judicial conduct applicable to non-judicial court employees.

4. Complying with court procedures.

5. Managing the court staff.


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