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The West Point Police Department Criminal Investigative Division is comprised of one Detective, Detective Casey Fuller.

The goal of the unit is to successfully investigate all crimes with diligence, efficiency, dedication, respect for all people involved, and the successful prosecution of all cases occurring within the City of West Point. The CID is often involved in the investigation from the time an incident is reported to the Police Department through the conclusion of the prosecutorial process. CID is responsible for devising policy matters and techniques to be used in complicated investigations, as well as for making a continuous review of investigative procedures and programs in an effort to improve investigations and the quality of life for the citizens of West Point.

They are responsible for but not limited to:
1. Community Policing and attending neighborhood watch meetings
2. Investigating crimes against persons
3. Investigating property crimes and other crimes including credit card fraud, bad checks, and similar crimes.
4. They are responsible for the recovery of evidence and the methodical processing of crime scenes.
5. They assist both the Troup and Harris County District Attorney Offices with the successful prosecution of cases and maintain a positive relationship with their staff
6. Developing and maintaining relationships with other local law enforcement agencies, state, and federal agencies

The Detectives are on-call and assist the uniform division when requested.

If you would like to contact someone in the Criminal Investigative Division, please call (706) 645-3525. If you would like to leave an anonymous tip, please call the Greater Valley Area Crime Stoppers at (334) 756-8200, toll free 1-800-756-8282 or the Troup County Crime Stoppers at 706-812-1000, toll free 1-800-633-2677.

Detective Casey Fuller can be reached at his office (706) 645-3551 or cell (706) 585-0066 or by email: