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The West Point Fire Department EMS Training Program
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Firefighting is an honorable profession, one that involves selflessness, sacrifice, commitment to the greater good, honor, loyalty, and courage. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to use the links below to become familiar with the requirements and dedication it takes to become a professional fire fighter. It's not just a career but a way of life.

Georgia Fire Academy

Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council

Georgia Public Safety Training Center

The Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund is available to all firefighters in the State of Georgia
The Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund was established as a voluntary pension system in 1955 by the Georgia General Assembly, to supplement primary pension benefits provided by entities establishing fire departments, full time, part time, or volunteer, as stated in O.C.G.A. 47-7-2. It was the intent of the General Assembly, in establishing this Fund, to provide an additional benefit which could be used by counties and municipalities and their respective fire departments to attract and retain qualified firefighters and to induce fire departments to meet and maintain minimum standards deemed essential to the ability to suppress fires.
As a supplementary pension benefit, then, it is the mission of the Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund to supplement the welfare and well being of Georgia firefighters and their surviving beneficiaries when they, the firefighters, retire from the fire service and to provide prudent stewardship to the assets held in trust that support this mission.