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ADM01 - City Manager
ADM01A - Assistant to the City Manager
ADM02 - City Clerk
ADM03 - Finance and Personnel Technician
ADM04 - Administrative Assistant
ADM05 - Customer Service Representative
CD01 - Community Development Director
CD02 - Building Inspector
CD03 - Community Development Specialist
CD04 - Animal Control and Code Enforcement Officer
FD01 - Fire Chief
FD02 - Fire Lieutenant
FD03 - Firefighter-Paramedic
FD04 - Firefighter-EMT- Intermediate
FD05 - Firefighter-EMT- Basic
PD01 - Police Chief
PD02 - Police Captain
PD03 - Police Sergeant - Patrol
PD04 - Police Sergeant - CID
PD05 - Investigator
PD06 - Police Officer
PD07 - Communications Supervisor - Municipal Court Clerk
PD08 - Communications Officer
PW-SAN01 - Sanitation Crewleader
PW-SAN02 - Truck Driver
PW-SAN03 - Public Works Sanitation Worker
PW01 - Public Works Director
PW02 - Public Works Supervisor
PW03 - Vehicle Service Station Attendant
PW04 - Sewer Maintenance Worker
PW05 - Public Works Maintenance Worker
UD01 - Utilities Director
UD-ED01 - Electric Superintendent
UD-ED02 - Senior Lineworker
UD-ED03 - Lineworker
UD-ED04 - Apprentice Lineworker
UD-ED05 - Groundworker
UD-GUP01 - Gas Utility Protection Superintendent
UD-GUP02 - Utility Service Worker Gas
UD-GUP03 - Field Customer Representative
UD-WD01 - Water Distribution and Sewer Collection Supervisor
UD-WD02- Utility Service Worker Water Sewer
UD-WW01 - Water Sewer Superintendent
UD-WW02 - Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
UD-WW03 - Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator
UD-WW04 - Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
UD-WW05 - Water Treatment Plant Operator