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Welcome to Our Visitor Center!

Welcome home to West Point! The West Point Visitor Center building symbolically represents our small town's pride in our past and anticipation of our future. Our traditions, news, and faces of yesteryear combined with modern tourism, industry, and education are the constantly changing hallmarks of our town. It is the very characteristic of which we are most proud. From our grass roots as a textile empire in the late 1800s and continuing for over a century, to our current enterprises in of technology, telecommunications, higher education, and automotive manufacturing, West Point is a growing community of thriving industry and residents. KIA Motors and its many suppliers pour businesses, jobs, and residents into our area. Point University has relocated to our town, bringing faculty and students. Restaurants, lodging, and a variety of stores are all feeling the positive impact of our growing economy.

Situated along the Chattahoochee River at the far western edge of the Georgia state line between Atlanta and Montgomery, West Point exhibits distinct chapters in the transportation industry. Founded along the river to enable transportation of textile products, the town became a key railroad location during the American Civil War, and currently enjoy the prosperity of being home to one of America's largest automotive plants.

We hope you take time to stop, look around, ask questions, and get to know us. 'Southern charm with modern features' is one way to describe it. You are invited to look around this web site and explore our businesses, entertainment, real estate, education, and numerous other benefits.

West Point Depot
500 3rd Ave.
West Point, GA. 31833

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