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With our past railroad history serving the textile mills, and transportation significance in the Civil War, it is only natural that our depot would now become an icon of that era.

The museum houses numerous historical items that tell the story of West Point and its citizens. The Visitor Center, Depot, and Museum have become a cultural and entertainment center in West Point, Georgia.

We are pleased that our museum contains wonderful items, including:

  • 100 year old hand-carved patterns made from mahogany and southern pine, donated by West Point Foundry.
  • Two handmade windows from the West Point Calaboose, circa 1879.
  • A sepia chrome copy of The Battle of Atlanta, donated by the Joe Jennings family, previously hung behind the Delta Airlines ticket counter at the original Atlanta Airport.
  • Relics from the local textile mills.
  • A wooden telephone booth, originally located in downtown West Point, site of Georgia's first telephone exchange between Atlanta and Montgomery, donated by the Lanier family.
  • Memorabilia from Wehadkee Yarn Mills, including a cotton weigh up scale used in cotton fields to weigh each worker's daily pickings.

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